National Stuttering Association
The NSA’s Web site provides a range of information on stuttering and the success of support groups around the country, as well as links to online support forums.

Stuttering Foundation of America
The SFA produces a variety of brochures, books, DVDs and other educational materials about stuttering. It also offers training programs for speech-language pathologists.

The Stuttering Homepage
This an exhaustive online educational archive about stuttering intended for both consumers and professionals. It includes information related to history, research, therapy, support organizations, conferences, as well as essays and other expressions by people who stutter.

A podcast produced by Peter Reitzes and Eric Jackson, both members of the NSA, and featuring several informative and inspiring interviews with members of the stuttering community.

Granite Bay Speech Resources

If you can’t find resources, please call Nancy Barcal 916-797-3307 (or email) and she will connect you to resources in your area.